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Estate Planning


There are many testimonies shared by Christians whose lives have been change as a result of FBN’s faithful Bible-based broadcasts through the years.  If you have ever have been blessed by our radio ministry as you were driving in your car or listening at your home or work, then consider this fact -- those blessings were the result of someone who cared enough to donate to this radio ministry to ensure that this ministry in music reached you.  You can return that blessing and provide ministry to others by simply naming FBN in your will.  It is as simple as stating in your will that you wish to leave a percentage of your estate to the Fundamental Broadcasting Network in order to reach others for Christ.

Christ-centered estate planning can also be a blessing to you and your family.  It can be a help when people are nearing the end of their lives and need to get their affairs in order, or when they are in their fifties and approaching retirement or when they are younger and busy raising children.            

It is vital for everyone to do basic estate planning.  Decisions about who will be the executor of their estate, who will be the guardian of younger children, how far they want the medical establishment to go in keeping them alive, who will receive sentimental or treasured possessions, what amount of resources are to be given to loved ones and how they want to honor the Lord by remembering their church and Christian ministries in their estate plans is all prayerfully resolved in Christian-based estate planning.          

Without a will or estate plan, people's families and the work of God will suffer undue hardship, frustration, and loss. Through wise estate planning, significant dollars are normally diverted from taxes, probate, and legal costs and redirected to the Lord's work. (without decreasing the amount of inheritance family members will receive!)

FBN will help you with any questions that you may have about how you can include FBN in your Christian estate plan.  FBN recommends that you work with an attorney in drafting your plan.  An attorney can be recommended to you. 

                                                      Information that you will want to consider is the following:

1)  An Executor for your estate: Whom do you wish to manage the affairs of your estate? The person you choose should be someone trustworthy, without a felony record and over the age of 18.  The most common choice by most people is your surviving spouse.  You should consider an alternate person should your first choice be unable or unwilling to manage your estate affairs.

2)  A Guardian for your minor children: It is crucial to name a guardian to care for your children if you still have minor children (children under the age  of 18).  It is a good idea to name an alternate choice, should the person of first choice be unable or unwilling to act as a guardian for your children.

3)  A Property Trustee for your children: It is a good idea to name a property trustee to guard the assets of your estate for the benefit of your minor children.  Once again, it is a good idea to name an alternate property trustee here as well.

4)  Property distribution: It is important that you make provision in your will for the distribution of your entire estate.  An effective way to ensure that your entire estate is distributed properly is to divide your estate into percentage shares.  For example, “To my brother, I leave 50% of my estate.” 

You can also make specific testamentary bequests as well.  If you have a special stamp, gun or precious metal collection, you should spell that bequest out in the will.  It is not enough to just tell the person while you are alive that you want them to have a particular item when you pass; it will only be enforceable in probate if it is mentioned in your will.  Making these items clear in your will makes it easier on your family to know what your true wishes are.   Making your wishes clear can save a lot of heartache, confusion and probate expense at the time of your passing.

                                                                           Remember FBN:

It is in the property distribution paragraph in your will where you can leave your greatest legacy for the cause of Christ.  Provided that you have made provisions for your minor children, you can either leave a percentage of your estate to FBN or make a specific bequest to FBN.  FBN considers all such gifts a sacred trust where the FBN radio ministry will carry out your wishes of reaching a lost world for Jesus Christ. We thank you for your support of the FBN ministry, and we count you as a friend united in helping the lost find our Saviour.


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