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                                                Solar Powered Christians

Read Romans 1:4

    Gloria’s granddaughter gave her a nice watch as a gift. It was a sad day when the watch stopped working. “It  probably needs a new battery,” thought Gloria. She took the watch to three stores and asked them if they could change the battery. But they could not.
     Finally, she went to a jeweler. He asked her, “Have you been keeping this in a drawer or jewelry box?”
     “Yes” Gloria answered. “It came in a nice black velvet bag. I keep it in the bag, inside my drawer.”     
     “I know why it won’t work,” said the jeweler, “and it is not the battery. This watch operates on solar power. For it to work, it needs to spend time in the sun.”
     Christians are like that watch. Our power comes from the Son! In order to power up each day, we need to spend time reading our Bible and praying. Keep on ticking by spending time with the Son.


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When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

Psalm 27:10
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