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                                                Who’s In Control?

Read Psalm 37:8


  What makes you angry? When someone shoves in front of you at the water fountain? When your sister takes the last chocolate chip cookie that was supposed to be yours? When your baby brother knocks down the Lego building you spent hours working on? Grrrrrrrr… What do you do? Blow up? Yell? Shove them? Then you are out of control! If YOU were not in control, who was? The other person (or the devil) was pushing your buttons! Self-control is keeping yourself from doing wrong. Self-control is not reacting to others’ wrong doings with a wrong doing of your own. Someone has said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” For a Christian, self-control is really ‘God-control’, doing what God wants. Determine ahead of time, when others do things that make you angry, to ask God to take control, then re-act with kindness.


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