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                                                Word Test

Read Psalm 19:14

  If you are a Christian then God has a special mission for you, because God knows that your friends
are listening to what you say. Our words are very important. They could help people, or they could
make someone feel really bad. God wants you to show people you are a Christian by the words you say.
I have found out that I can tell what job a person has by what they talk about. Would I be able to tell
that you are a Christian by the words you say?The first thing I would listen for would be praises to God.
God is so good to us all the time, and we should be using our words to tell people about it. The next
thing I would listen for would be kind words. God wants His children to be kind to one another, and we
can do that with our words. The last thing I would listen for to know if you are a Christian, is polite
words. Do you say please and thank you? How about yes sir, and no ma’am? Do you call adults by
their first name, or do you use their respectful title of Mr. and Mrs.? Christian words should be
respectful, kind and full of praises to God.


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