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Read Joshua 1:7


  In Joshua 1:7, God tells Joshua to “Only be thou strong and very courageous.” The word en-courage-ment means to give courage. When God was talking with Joshua, He was giving to him courage to face problems, battles, and years of toil. He was encouraging Joshua to do something very hard!

Do you know your preacher has a hard job? Do you ever give him courage with your words or a smile? Your Parents have a hard job! Give them courage with your words, smiles and helping! When you encourage the people around you, you are giving them strength and courage to do something hard. Maybe they even need courage to do something scary. Do you have a friend who is sick? They need encouraging words.

God told Joshua to be courageous four times in Joshua chapter one. Encouragement is something we need to give many times a day, every day! Be an encouragement with your words, smiles and actions. Be a Courage-Giver.


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