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  1.                                                Do You Love Him?

    Read Romans 7:14-25

    Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simons, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? John 21:15

         Peter is often criticized for the many failures in his life recorded in the Word of God. He is known for speaking before thinking - which is always a recipe for trouble. He is the one who told Jesus that he would never deny his Savior, which we know he ultimately did. He is the one who sank into the sea as he was walking on the water to Jesus. The list of failures goes on and on. I find great comfort, in knowing that I am not the only one who seems to struggle and fail in my Christian life! Don't get me wrong; I am not excusing sin! I am simply stating, that I am in good company in this matter of failing. Peter was hand-picked by Jesus to be a disciple. He spent the largest part of three years, side by side with Jesus in personal training. In the book of Acts, Peter was also the man who preached the message at Pentecost, where 3000 people were saved. God used Peter in great and mighty ways, in spite of his failures!
         Teen, do you ever feel like you can never measure up to what is expected in your spiritual life? I know that feeling; I have been there, many times. Can I use the life of Peter to encourage you? God wants to use your life, in spite of your failures. Our text verse in John 21, deals with an encounter Peter had with his risen Savior. Peter had already denied Jesus three times, but Jesus sought out Peter to confirm Peter's love for the Savior. I believe that Jesus was looking beyond Peter's three denials, to reach his heart and get him busy serving God.

  2. Kurt Copelan, Youth Pastor
    Franklin Road Baptist Church
    Murfreesboro, TN

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