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  1.                                           Jacob Was Left Alone

    Read Genesis 32:9-24

    And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. – Genesis 32:24


         Jacob was returning home after being gone many years. The last thing that he had heard his brother, Esau, say was that Esau was planning on killing him. Jacob organized his approach to his brother with carefully rehearsed words and gifts. But then, he was left alone. Alone with his thoughts, fears, and the reaping of his past sins. It was not a happy occasion.                
         We often need friends and people to support us. They listen to our problems and offer love and advice. But there is a time when you are left alone. People can only do so much to help, now it is between you and God.                
         You need to know how you, yourself, can find God, to know God, to rest in His promises, and to know His presence.                
         Are you sure that you are saved? Read the gospel of John and I John to get the assurance. Saying you are saved because everyone else in the youth group says that they are, is not enough. You are left alone, and you need to know for sure.                
         Find a passage in the Bible, or maybe a whole book like James or I Peter and read and re-read it until you are on “a first name basis” with the book. Its words will feed your soul. Faith is not an emotion, but a confidence in the God who wrote the promises of the Bible.
         Spend time in prayer. Read James to see prayer conditions and promises. When you are left alone then God is the only One to Whom you can talk.                
         There comes a time when you pillow your head at night and you are alone with your thoughts. Make the Lord the center of your life and remember you are never truly alone.

  2. Charles Brown, Pastor
    Winter Haven Baptist Church
    Winterhaven, Florida

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