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Kid's Page

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Welcome to FBNkids.com. Every month we will post a new devotion for you to read and study. Included will be the Bible reading that goes along with the devotion. Enjoy the website and look around for fun, exciting and even challenging activities.



To find the answers to this week's trivia follow the "Read the Bible by its Stories" link below.

Who am I?

1. Which brother insisted and took responsibility for Benjamin to be brought back to Egypt? (43:8-9)

2. What were the brothers commanded by Israel (Jacob) to bring to Joseph? (43:11-12)

3. Where did Joseph want his brothers to be brought at noon? (43:16)

4. When Joseph saw Benjamin, what was his reaction? (43:29-30)

5. Why was it unusual to the brothers that they were eating in Joseph's house? (43:32)

Teen Page

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FBNkids.com is also for teens. We will have a devotion available monthly for teens to read and study. Remember to read your Bible and come back frequently for fun activities and games.


Coloring Page

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Read the Bible
by its Stories

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   Memory Verse

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

Psalm 139:23
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